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Chicago Family Law Group has guided people through divorce proceedings for years with skill and sensitivity. Whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce, our attorneys can help you through the process in a wise, timely and cost-effective manner.

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Child Support

In the wake of a divorce, child support can be one of the most divisive issues that people struggle with. No matter what your situation looks like today, our family law firm understands the laws of the land and can help you either modify or enforce child support payments.

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Parenting rights

From parentage and child custody to guardianship and adoption, we understand the finer points of parenting rights. We’re here to address your concerns and help resolve custody disputes with care.

Chicago Family Law Group is Here For You

Our mission is to promote family relationships and the well-being of children through periods of break-up and discord via professional counseling, dynamic legal advocacy, and client stewardship. ┬áCore values focus on negotiated settlements and the elimination of frivolous legal work that doesn’t serve client objectives, with a strong customer-service focus.

We will achieve this through quality legal representation in family law matters to middle-income individuals who want a lawyer to keep them informed about their case and will actively participate with us in this team-oriented venture.

We specialize only in family law and have years of experience working with individuals, lawyer referrals, and ministries. If you’re looking for a quality firm that will put you and your needs first, give Chicago Family Law Group a call today.

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