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4 Things I’ve Learned Working at A Family Law Firm

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Ahhh, finally…a “non-legal” blog post to my “non-legal” speakers. Hello everyone, my name is Yadi and I am Chicago Family Law Group’s Law Firm Administrator, aka the most important person in the firm. Kidding…sorta. I’ve been working here for about 8 months now and never in my 24 years of life have ever worked for a law firm, but that, in and of itself, makes this job more interesting and exciting. Even though I do not do a TON of legal work (unless I’m filing motions or delivering courtesy copies to the courthouse), it has been a worthwhile experience. I really try to make the most of my experience here and, in the process, hopefully take away some valuable life lessons. Here are 4 key things I have learned about working at a law firm these past few months:

  1. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING. False. I have learned rather quickly the basics of family law, enough to interact with our clients and answer their questions. The key for me was to go into this job with an open mind and attitude and sure enough I even surprise myself with how much I know about boring family law. (It’s really not boring!)
  2. ATTORNEYS ARE NOT AS SCARY AS YOU THINK THEY ARE. I don’t know if it’s just me but I always had this misrepresentation of what attorneys are really like. They’re not stuck-up, mean ready to-put-you-on-the-stand kind of people, well at least my boss isn’t. Your boss is here to guide you and teach you and hopefully, they get something in return. Being intimidated will get you nowhere and make your job less pleasant. Just because they hold a fancy law degree doesn’t make me as an employee any less, again being a legal administrator kind of makes me a big deal.
  3. BE COMPASSIONATE. This, I believe, has been the most important thing I have learned this far. Clients entrust in our law firm, specifically with very sensitive issues like child custody and divorce that are fundamentally and critically important to their lives – something they feel so strongly about that  they chose our law firm for help. It is important to be understanding of each and every of our client’s needs. Yes, we have helped many clients win custody and have finalized divorces  through the same process successfully but this was done by listening and understanding each individual’s needs.
  4. THERE IS A MISSION. Every law firm has its purpose and mission. Without one, what’s the point? Our mission is to promote family relationships and the well-being of children through periods of break-up and discord via professional counseling, dynamic legal advocacy and client stewardship. We achieve this through: practicing traditional legal advocacy in the areas of divorce, unmarried parentage/child-custody, adoption and guardianship matters; pushing cases harder and faster than our competitors via the court system by consistent attention to the important (client interests) and not adhering to the false urgency of court deadlines; supporting the specific, unique needs of middle-income families; guarding the innocence and potential of children and aiming to create clients for life via unparalleled customer service, post-case engagement and ongoing educational resources. 

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