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8 GOOD Reasons to Go Back to Court Post-Divorce/Judgment

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It would be wonderful if once your divorce or child custody case is completed that you never have to step foot in court again!! We surely observe the relief of a client when their matter is finally over. Further, we pride ourselves on “seeing the whole board” meaning be REALLY THOROUGH in planning for and providing for all eventualities in a client’s final Judgment/Order. However, there are a handful of good reasons to bring your case back into court that are impossible to avoid (particularly if you have children) & people and circumstances change so not everything can be planned for.

Checkout the list below for some quick thoughts or want more detail, join our Webinar on the same topic on May 31, 2018 at 12pm Chicago time (or if this date has passed checkout our YouTube channel).


  1. Terminate Child Support or Maintenance. Maintenance usually isn’t forever so stop it when it’s time. And, depending on your situation when the kid’s 18/19 or graduates from high school it’s time to terminate child support.
  2. Lower/Raise Child Support or Maintenance. Generally this will be tied to income changes…if one of the parents or former spouses has had a major income change the child support or spousal support is subject to change.
  3. Change Custody of your Kid(s). This is a big one and a hard one, but, if your kid is REALLY STRUGGLING in the other parent’s care it might be time for a change.
  4. Pay for College. College is expensive so get the help you’re entitled too.
  5. Relocate More than 25 Miles from Your Residence (if there are children). If you are a majority time parent you must get the other parent’s or the Court’s approval to relocation your child(ren).
  6. Restart Parenting Time. It’s all too common for a parent to get pushed-out of their kids’ lives due to parental conflict but it’s never too late to get back into their life.
  7. Enforce Financial Obligations. If someone isn’t paying and they were ordered to pay, then, FORCE them to pay. And you can get them to pay your attorneys fees too.
  8. Step-Parent Adoption. If you’ve remarried and there’s a new parent in a child’s life sometimes it helps to make that new parent official.

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