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Family Law Mediation

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As families continue to change and evolve, so does family law. Over the last few decades, many couples and families involved in family law cases have come to understand that litigating divorce and parenting cases can be a long, arduous, expensive, and unsatisfying experience that can take an emotional toll on individuals and their families.

For some couples, litigation is the best—and maybe the only—option to resolve their dispute. However, most divorce and parenting cases can, and do, result in settlement because the participants realize that they are still able to work together and are willing to compromise to best meet the needs of their family. Further, many couples feel strongly that they do not want:

• To participate in an adversarial system that they believe has, or will, exacerbate the problems already existing in their marriage and/or parenting situation

• The expense of two attorneys or the burden and confusion of having to represent themselves in court as a pro se litigant

• To allow a judge to decide how to resolve their conflict, as an unsatisfying result may mean one or both of the parties will not abide by the judge’s decision and may result in additional litigation

For those former couples still able to work together, private mediation offers them the ability to craft their own divorce and/or parenting agreement and create a plan that works for their family. Private mediation can be an empowering, productive, and cost-effective option for former couples looking to create an agreement that resolves their issues, reduces conflict, and avoids the expense and time involved in litigating a case through the court system.

If you are curious whether private mediation might be a good option for your situation, here are some important things to know:

1. Mediation empowers clients to resolve their conflict and create their own solutions by talking through their issues in a safe, neutral space that encourages and supports negotiation and compromise. The parties will be able to communicate and craft their own agreement with assistance from the mediator.

2. Participating in private mediation is a less expensive alternative to litigation, especially pretrial conferences, settlement conferences, hearings and trials, and can reduce the overall number of court dates and resulting legal fees in a divorce or parenting case.

3. Private mediation provides clients who have been referred to mediation for parenting issues the option of selecting who provides the mediation, how soon it happens, and where it happens. 

4. Mediation agreements can be drafted as private agreements or into binding legal agreements that will be approved, signed, and enforced as a court order by a judge.

Chicago Family Law Group is now offering family law mediation services with Jessica Sindel, a certified mediator and licensed attorney. Jessica can help you determine whether mediation is right for your family’s situation during a free initial mediation consultation. If your case is appropriate, she will help guide you and your ex through the mediation process with the goal of helping you to finalize an agreement that will resolve your dispute and allow you to move on with your life.

Call (312) 893-5888 to schedule your initial mediation consultation today.

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