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Happy Mother’s Day

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We at Chicago Family Law Group want to wish all of you mothers out there a genuinely Happy, Happy, Happy Mother’s Day! The reality is that we don’t exist without our many wonderful clients who are mothers. We’re honored to serve you.

Here’s one of my favorite stories of how we helped a mother get her kids back recently (names are changed to protect confidentiality):

When Kim hired us some 2 years ago she had had no contact with her 2, toddler-aged children in 6-months. The father of Kim’s children had effectively (and illegally) manipulated the court system such that he had possession of the children and disappeared. The father actually filed bogus Orders of Protection at different courthouses that made it difficult to track the different and conflicting court proceedings allowing him to manipulate things to his advantage.

The tragic part of the story is that the 2 children, ages 4 and 5, at the time were horribly abused. One was sexually abused and both were horribly neglected, left alone in dangerous situation. Eventually, the IL Department of Children and Family Services temporarily pulled the kids from the father, however and tragically, Kim STILL didn’t get them turned over to her. And after a few months the kids were returned to the father.

Thus, when we got into the case Kim was actually about to get jailed for past due child support in addition to the parenting problems referenced above. We immediately moved to get Kim temporary and permanent decision-making authority and majority parenting time with the kids.

At court date #1, we got Kim’s child support obligation stopped and prevented her jailing. The father had gotten the State to pursue a child support collection case against her. You need an attorney if the State is pursuing child support against you.

At court date #2, we got Kim temporary possession of her kids. This was a BIG win. The facts supported Kim’s case as the better parent and obviously the awful parenting by the father hurt his case. Further, we had forced the Judge to really dig into the situation and she uncovered the court manipulation that had been illegally undertaken by the father.

Once Kim got temporary possession of the kids we NEEDED to make it permanent. So, the Judge appointed a lawyer for the children and a home study was ordered. A thorough investigation occurred that gave us the factual basis to get Kim the permanent sole decision-making authority for her kids and all of the parenting time. The father has no parenting time.

The father ultimately was jailed related to his child abuse and for his illegal filings in the court system.

Today Kim and her 2 kids are doing great with one in 1st grade and one in kindergarten. They are happy and healthy. It was awesome to see them in court recently and they even get their photos taken with the Judge.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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