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Here’s What Happens Next… (New Client)

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Thanks for being a client and we look forward to serving you! You have made an important decision to improve your life. Now that we’re formally your lawyer, here’s EXACTLY what happens next:

  1. Intro Call. Within a week or less of our hiring, you will do an ‘Intro Call’ with all of the legal personnel whom are handling your case which is typically 1 attorney with 1 supporting paralegal. We need you to know our team and who to contact. Most importantly, this call is used to layout the exact, expected results that we will achieve for you over the course of our representation. It’s critical that everything we do supports these future, expected, REAL WORLD results that you desire! Also, the client’s and attorney’s specific ‘next actions’ with deadlines will be laid-out in this call and its post-meeting Intro Call E-mail. We start with the client’s desired end in mind. 
  2. Create your Rocket Matter client portal, HERE. We want to provide a great customer experience and give you access to YOUR CASE 24/7. Immediately upon hiring our Firm, you’ll get an invitation to our Rocket Matter client portal. It’s critical that you IMMEDIATELY create a username and password for your portal. Within the portal you’ll have access to any/all court documents, monthly client invoices, court calendar, and the ability to make payments. An email is sent to you when anything happens inside of your portal. 
  3. Client ‘Next Actions.’ An attorney-client relationship is a true partnership. There’s no such thing as ‘lawyer magic’…we need your help! When we review the results that we’ve been a part of for our clients over many years, the critical difference between mostly very good, but, a few not so good results (with the same lawyer on the case)…the key difference is:  CLIENT INVESTMENT. Plain and simple, although we are expert in legal advice and legal strategy, the FACTS of a case must come from a client. These facts are developed in the form of emails, telephone calls, financial affidavits, tax returns, pay-stubs, bank statements, school records, etc. A great legal strategy without supporting facts is worthless! Client investment also includes paying for legal services. Clients who invest their time and money into their case will get good results (but the opposite can be true too). 
  4. Lawyer ‘Next Actions.’ Much will depend on your specific case but to generalize typically your lawyer will prepare the legal documents that you need to achieve the ‘real world’ result that you desire. In an uncontested divorce, within 2-weeks of being hired, you’ll get a draft Marital Settlement Agreement (financial matters) and a draft Allocation Judgment (child-related matters). In contested cases, it is very likely that our first step in a case is to handle important, temporary matters ASAP…things like child support, spousal support, attorneys fees, parenting time. If it’s necessary to deal with these temporary matters, we’ll typically get a court date scheduled within the first month as your lawyer.
  5. #WePushCases. This is one of our Firm’s values. FACT:  There is not urgency within the family law court system. If WE don’t push your case it will go very slowly. Many of the points above are aimed at this point of being FOCUSED on FINISHING YOUR CASE. The research supports the point that the longer a case takes…the less satisfied that a client is with the result. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. 

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