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I Want a Quick and Easy Divorce

Divorce can be expensive. Divorce can be messy. Divorce can be emotionally draining.

But divorce can also be quiet. Divorce can be easy. Divorce can be quick. Divorce can be (relatively) painless. Divorce can be a new start.

How peaceful or how hostile your divorce is depends on several factors; however, there are two main factors that can determine the route your divorce will take: (1) whether you and your soon to be ex-spouse are willing and able to be agreeable to the terms of the divorce settlement, and; (2) the lawyer(s) each of you chooses.

The Settlement– If you have already agreed on how things are divvied up, you are well on your way to a quick and easy divorce. If you haven’t agreed on all of the terms of your divorce but want to keep your divorce from becoming heated, seeking out a mediator to assist you in the settlement can often help resolve things quietly. Your attorney will review the mediation agreement to make sure it is fair and then draft the marital settlement agreement based on what you agreed on. Your attorneys can also negotiate the property settlement.

The Right Fit– Some divorce lawyers are aggressive and antagonistic by nature and will stir the pot when it isn’t necessary: this can increase frustration and the cost of your divorce. In a high conflict divorce an aggressive demeanor can be beneficial. It is important to find a family law attorney that will be a good fit for your case: a divorce attorney that will listen to you and your goals and then proceed in that approach. You wouldn’t hire an interior designer that couldn’t design to satisfy your individual style. Likewise, you shouldn’t hire an attorney that isn’t the right match for your style of divorce. An initial consultation with a divorce attorney will help you determine if the fit is right.

At Chicago Family Law Group, LLC, we offer FREE initial consultations so that you can determine whether we are the right fit for your divorce or family law matter before you spend a dime.


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