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“Liar Liar Pants on Fire”

Just had a quick thought today in court (it happens). Anyway, a pro se (which is latin for ‘I want to lose’) litigant complained that the other party was lying. When the judge asked them what evidence they had to rebut the supposed inaccurate statement, the pro se litigant said, “trust me judge, I know this man is lying”. In other words, she pulled out the super secret objection that I missed in law school which I call the “Liar Liar Pants on Fire retort”.

On a more serious note, I also was reminded how asinine some attorneys can be. Recently, opposing counsel on a case filed a pleading regarding a motion to substitute the judge. In his poorly drafted motion, he claimed that I had lied to the court in my initial Petition. His claim was I had not notified the court that the case had already been filed once and withdrawn. Unfortunately for him, in my handwriting on the initial Petition is my note to the court that this was a refiling. Now the other attorney looked pretty stupid, because he either cannot read or he was too lazy to read my Petition (I bet the former).

An attorney signing their name to a court document accusing another attorney of lying to the court is pretty serious. I could file a motion for sanctions but quite frankly, I’m too busy to police every jerk at the Daley Center. Oh well. Today’s lesson for new attorneys is be careful with bold claims of lying, deceit.

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