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The Most VULNERABLE Man in the World

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Even though I hardly drink a drop of beer or any alcohol for that matter, I always enjoyed the “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials done by Dos Equis beer. Just creative and funny punch-lines about bowling over-hand, winning a staring contest with himself, and the experiences of his beard alone…here’s the “best of.”

Now, these are just funny beer commercials and the inspiration for the blog’s title. However, here’s a real important issue:

Who is the most VULNERABLE man in the world? 

It’s the person (often but not always the male) who has parenting time with his child(ren) only as allowed by the other parent and NOT pursuant to a court’s order. What are the risks:

  • Denial of Parenting Time. First, we get the calls all the time from a frustrated father where he might get the occasional weekend with his kid but if he doesn’t give money to the mother or if the mother gets upset with the new lady in his life then the parenting time is gone. Second, even when things are being handled “okay” on the side I almost never hear of a parent who is really getting the full amount of time that he/she would be entitled to within the court system if a judge is overseeing things. Why not PROTECT/EXPAND the time that you’re really entitled too? It would benefit you, your kid, and the world.
  • Legal Kidnapping. Current Illinois law provides that a parent allocated a majority of parenting time or equal parenting time must get a court’s approval to relocate. This is a really strong protection. BUT, it’s only a protection if there’s a court case where parenting time has been allocation. If there’s no case with no court-ordered parenting time then a parent can do the “legal kidnapping.” Here’s the story of a prospective client I spoke with just this week with 2 kids, ages 5 and 11. This guy has been in his kids lives since birth and sadly in the last few months he actually has filed a court case, but, he was trying to handle it himself and just hasn’t made much progress and in fact has not been able to get the mother served to really do anything. In the last day or two he’s talking with his 11-year-old son and the dad learns that the mom and the 2 kids are moving to Atlanta, GA next week to be with mom’s new guy! I hope he hires us quickly to stop her and protect his relationships with his kids. Otherwise, those kids may be gone FOREVER.

What’s the future you want for yourself and your family? SERIOUSLY. It might be 65-years of fun times and great memories shared with your kids. Sadly, it might be gone in an instant like the guy above.

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