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Your Case MAY Be a Slam Dunk

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  More than half of the cases that we work on are actually very low risk, fairly “easy” wins for our clients. And the critical factor or differentiating factor between success or not isn’t the Judge or the opposing party/lawyer, nope, the KEY factor is simply a prospective client making the choice to act and taking ACTION…period.  

Let me illustrate the point with an example from a recent client success story that I had whereby a client’s (father) joint custody, equal parenting time, and no child support obligation case was done quickly and easily and now his case is completed and he has that financial security and a protected relationship with his son for the next 15-years. He came to us after a little blow-up with the mother of his child where his parenting-time was being limited . So, we filed a case for custody and parenting time. And as soon as the case got into court with my Firm as this guy’s lawyer it moved quickly and pretty easily because he and the mother actually got along okay and she didn’t really want to be in the court system for the next 2 years either. Rather, this guy and the other party negotiated most of the terms themselves. I prepared a couple different drafts of what we call an Allocation Judgment of Parental Responsibilities and literally at court date #3 a FULL/FINAL parenting judgment was entered…’off call’ and case over.


These are some typical cases that usually are EASY wins (if you take ACTION):


  1. Child Support (Starting/Stopping/Modifying). Are you the majority time parent of a minor and separated from the other parent? You’re entitled to child support. Has a child that you pay child support for been graduated from high school recently? You can stop child support. Has a person paying child support had a major income increase or reduction? They’re probably entitled to a modification.
  2. Establish Parenting Time. This is my example above…the guy was entitled to court-ordered parenting time so the other parent couldn’t just make him see his son on her terms. One of our newest matters involves a guy who was regularly seeing his daughter without an issue, then, he recently relocated a few hours away with his new girlfriend and child and now the ‘other’ mom with the older child around Chicago is refusing him parenting time. I’m going to get him normal, out-of-state parenting time…not a hard case. If you’re legally established as the parenting of a child, in most situations you’re entitled to a LOT of parenting time and not just as dictated by the other parent. You can’t get time with your kid back!!!
  3. Uncontested Divorces. If you’ve been married a short-time and there aren’t children these are usually fast/easy cases. Honestly even longer-term marriages with kids and assets can be ‘slam dunks’ too when there’s agreement.
  4. Adoptions. Sometimes a father has not established himself legally as the father of a child and is no where to be found. I have a Step-Parent adoption case going right now like this where mom and her now husband are going to adopt a middle school aged daughter & we’ll probably finish that entire case in 2/3 court dates. Now these parents have created a “forever family” where there’s no longer any risk of the long gone biological father just showing-up in 5-years asking for parenting time.
  5. Custody/Decision-Making Authority for a Minor Child. Now of course sometimes these can be the hardest and most contentious case out there, BUT, if you’ve clearly establish yourself as the majority time parent and you’re the parent making a child’s major life decisions and you’ve been doing this for a number of years, THEN, these can be fast and easy wins. And having legal custody is important for future security, tax, passport/travel issues! Just having possession of your kid without it being court-ordered doesn’t protect you much.


What type of cases aren’t easy wins? 


  1. Minor Child Relocation. I think our Firm has more hearings on these matters than any other just because there’s not an easy compromise…little Johnny either will remain local or he’s going to Miami so usually contested hearings.
  2. 75% of Divorces. My Firm has many uncontested divorces but it’s also another big area where we have a number of upcoming matters set for trial with some major win/loss sorts of issues.
  3. Custody Modifications. I think these are the most difficult cases and rarely easy because you’re basically asking a Court to dramatically change and uproot the living circumstances of a child/children. And even in the most obvious of situations these are rarely easy. Here’s a webinar I did on ‘How to’ Win Custody of your kids.


Do you have a ‘slam dunk’ case? 


If you do, what’s stopping you? I meant what I said above:

If you TAKE ACTION (here’s our FREE CONSULTATION SCHEDULER or 24/7 chat or call 312-893-5888) you WIN!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the SECURITY (family/financial) that having your situation handled/legally/done will provide?

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